Real cider

"This is some of the strongest, finest alcoholic cider money can buy," says Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox, it "tastes almost exactly like pure, melted gold".

We love real cider and scour the country looking for the finest cider money can buy - and bring it to your door for you to taste, savour and enjoy with your friends, alongside great sausages and fine music. Here is a selection of some of the ciders we stock.


AbrahallsMedium. ABV: 6% 

A heady aroma of fresh crushed apples, light golden in colour, crisp and refreshing with a lingering fruitiness. Sparkling in 500ml bottles.


Lily the PinkMedium sweet. ABV: 4.5%

Cranberries and cherries on the nose, a mix of berries and cider which looks and drinks like a Rosé.


Thundering MollyMedium sweet. ABV: 5.2%

Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma. Gorgeous golden colour and a well balanced finish. Sparkling in 500ml bottles.


Badger's Arse. Rough cider. 6%

The one and only Original Sausage and Cider Festival Co. festival special. Appley with a twist of badger's arse - hence the name. Do you dare to kiss the #badgersarse?


Bristol Port. Medium dry. ABV: 6%

A fruity, plum coloured medium dry cider with an appley aroma.


Moonshine. Medium sweet. ABV: 7.5%

Rocket fuel in a glass - go steady as this is dangerously drinkable.


Badger's Spit. Dry. ABV: 7.5%

A traditional, cloudy cider made from Somerset cider apples - so dry it's like drinking sand!

Eydon Cider Co.

Appley Ever After. Dry and strong. ABV. 14%

An apple wine rather than a cider - delicious and complex - and boy is it potent. Served by the wine glass only!


Game Cock. Sweet. ABV: 4.5%

Made by the legendary Denis Gwatkin. Christmas cake on the nose, mind blowing fruity sweetness in the mouth


Norman Cider. Medium sweet. ABV: 7.5%

Made by the legendary Denis Gwatkin. A red, cloudy cider with a delicioius taste. Like kissing a beautiful apple.

Gwynt Y Ddraig

Black Dragon. Medium dry. ABV: 7.2%

Matured in oak, a cider rich in colour, body and flavour with fruit and ginger notes.

Gwynt Y Ddraig

Happy Daze. Medium sweet. ABV: 4.5%

A fruity, appley nose and well balanced finish. A light, easy-to-drink cider.

Gwynt Y Ddraig

Haymaker. Medium. ABV: 6.5%

Bursting with the flavour of apple and with a smooth finish.

Gwynt Y Ddraig

Two Trees Perry. Medium. ABV: 4.5%

A pale, fruity perry with a hint of honey on the palate.


Boot and Shoe. Medium. ABV: 6%

Toffee on the nose and butterscotch to finish. A remarkable, deeply fruity cider from debut cider maker Davey Chambers.

Kentish Pip

Vintage Pip. Medium Sweet. ABV: 6%

Single vintage, Kentish-style cider made with desert and cider apples and aged to mellow the flavour.

Kentish Pip

Wild Summer Elderflower Cider. Medium Sweet. ABV: 4%

A Kentish-style cider infused with elderflower, crisp and oh so refreshing, perfect for hot, lazy summer days.


Lemon and Lime. Medium Sweet. ABV: 4%

A blend of tangy citrus flavours and crisp Somerset cider.


Mango. Sweet. ABV: 4%

An aromatic sweet cider blended with exotic mango to create a tantalising tropical taste.


Pear and raspberry. Sweet. ABV: 4%

Cider? Tastes more like a fruit Oasis!


Strawberry. Sweet. ABV: 4%

A sweete berry burst complimenting a refreshing bit of apple.


Black Rat Cider. Medium dry. ABV: 6%

A smooth, medium dry cider, appley cider - deliciously drinkable.


Black Rat Perry. Medium sweet ABV: 7.5%

A fruity, pear cider - dangerously drinkable. Go steady - this stuff is dynamite.

Sandford Orchards

Cider Ginger. Medium. ABV: 4%

Fresh root ginger is crushed in the cider mill to add a fiery citrus heat. Tastes like good old fashioned ginger beer.


Blackcurrant. Medium dry. ABV: 3.7%

A combination of cider and blackcurrant juice makes for a delicioulsy sour Ribena.


Rhubarb. Medium dry. ABV: 3.5%

Yorkshire rhubarb and crisp Northamptonshire combine to make a sharp, refreshing drink.

Thistly Cross

Whisky cask. Medium. ABV: 6.9%

Matured in Glenglassaugh whisky casks to deliver a subtle spirit finish.

Vale of Welton

Rose Hill. Medium sweet. ABV: 4.8%

Champion cider of the 2015 Northampton County Beer Festival - alcoholic apple juice.

West Croft

Janet's Jungle Juice. Medium. ABV: 6%

A medium cider with a fabulouse apple twang. A champion CAMRA cider in 2015. Apple crumble in a glass.


Farmhouse cider. Sweet, medium or dry. ABV: 6%

The world flocks to Roger Wilkins' amazing cider barn. We've brought his cider to you!

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