Everyone knows you need apple carts to deliver apples, right?

Well here are ours!

They might not have wheels, but they sure deliver them apples - meet our 'apple carts'.

Apple Carts

Made especially for The Original Sausage and Cider Festival Co., there's nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world. They pour still real cider, direct from the box, fast and cold - just the way you like it.

No more juggling with fiddly taps, no more messing around with ice - cold cider in a branded cup in less than 15 seconds - happy, appley, original sausage and cider festival days! And we haven't just got two of them, we've got four!

So let's do the maths - a pint every 15 seconds means four pints a minute - or 240 pints an hour for each cart. With four carts, that ups the hourly pouring capacity to 960 pints an hour.

Of course, that's with just one person pouring on each cart and each cart has 15 taps so you can quite easily have more than one. If you had three for instance, that ups the rate to a whopping 2,880 pints an hour! Are you with us so far?

But actually as two-thirds of the taps are 'hands-free' so you can pour using both hands, which means (scratches head, counts on fingers, takes off socks), errrrr, they can serve one hell of a lot of cider - fast!

If you want to hire them, you can't - they're ours! Seriously, if you need a lean and mean cider-pouring machine at your event, please contact: 

They come bundled with an experienced operator who will set them up and run them for you so no need to worry about all the technical bits.

Don't you just love dem apples!

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